Ideal sand and large waves at Big BeachIdeal sand and large waves at Big Beach
  • Ideal sand and large waves at Big Beach

There is perhaps no bigger beach on the island of Maui than “Big Beach” at Makena State Park. A beach this long can certainly hold a ton of visitors, and therefore a ton of stories and memories, too.

Please share your favorite Big Beach moments below.

Location: South Maui

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  1. Jalove
    29 July 2009 at 3:51 am # this was the last time i was at Big beach, it was so voggy. but the waves were actually nice and calming. it is one beach that you ALWAYS have to be watching the waves. man it is a rough day at this beach if you keep getting pounded by the waves. sometimes the saving grace of the hot sun is the “MAKENA CLOUD” but don’t be fooled, still use sunscreen! hee hee
    nice pictures! i wanna go NOW!

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