Your boat awaits in Lahaina HarborYour boat awaits in Lahaina Harbor
  • Your boat awaits in Lahaina Harbor

Location: West Maui

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3 Responses to “Lahaina Harbor”

  1. Sheila
    4 July 2009 at 12:40 pm #

    I really love this one, Kris! I especially like the reflection of the boats on the water.

  2. Jalove
    4 July 2009 at 7:51 pm #

    Aloha Kris,
    The last time i was there was about a month ago. I won 2 tickets from Q103 (@Q103) radio station for the new Reggae With The Whales boat cruise,with Marty Dread. It is through the Pacific Whale Foundation. It was during my friend, Shaggy ( show.I was really excited because i haven’t been out on a boat for a long time. Than Shaggy said that the tickets were from marty himself.
    When i got there it was really a “tourist” crowd. I was by myself(my gf flaked out on me and didn’t come).After the boat was a little aways outside the harbor, i looked toward Lahaina and just relish in it beautiful mountains.Than I noticed, the Carthaginian ship wasn’t there. Than i remember that they got rid of it by just letting it sink.I turned to the newlywed couple and said this and they had no clue.That ship was one of the few thing i remember going to see when you go to Lahaina. The cruise was so fun! I have been a long time friend of Marty Dread. he was awesome as usually! he can keep the crowd going. After the show and the cruise ended, i went up to him and said how i got the tickets and he laughed and replied”oh so it does pay to listen to shaggylive. ” laugh out loud. So as usual, before you leave Lahaina town you got to cruise through and back Front street, I t was a fun night out for me in Lahaina .
    1 more thing, this past spring when my son visited ,we got ice cream from Lapperts, and than went to the rock wall and enjoyed being in one of the cooler spot in lahaina behind there by the library.They have the nice shade trees there. AHH fun times!

  3. MauiLove
    21 July 2011 at 3:42 pm #

    Some of my favorite memories are from Lahaina. We rented a condo right on the beach while we were there, and we loved walking up and down Front Street window shopping. The Lahaina jewelry stores are exquisite – the Island inspired jewelry in all of the stores is just so beautiful. Thanks for helping to remember those wonderful memories.

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