Introducing #MauiSunset on Twitter

Posted on 27. Jul, 2009 by in Blog

If you’re on Twitter and are following a few tweeps from Maui, you might have noticed last night’s sunset was pretty amazing. And thanks to this little 140-character service and complimentary sites like TwitPic, you don’t even have to live in Maui to partake in this nightly magic moment.

When I saw tweets from @DJSMOOK and @MauiHawaiiInfo with photos from last night’s sunset, it was obvious they were both worthy of a retweet. In that short second, I decided to throw in a new hashtag to keep photos like these together: #MauiSunset.

Within moments, @AMauiBlog strolled outside to her lanai, and snapped this beauty that stole the show.

#MauiSunset from @AMauiBlog on TwitPic

#MauiSunset from @AMauiBlog on TwitPic

And with that, others started joining in and the use of the #MauiSunset hashtag started its journey.

Spread the Aloha

Much like the awesome #aloha09 idea that started on New Years Eve last year, I think it would be great to see how long we can keep this nightly tradition going. It’s simple. If you’re on Maui and capture a gorgeous sunset, tweet it and include the #MauiSunset (and #aloha09) hashtag. Try to include where on Maui it was taken, and be sure to leave a little room for an RT, too.

As the nights go by and with a fair amount of participation, the search feed for #MauiSunset will surely fill up nicely, leaving a great list of Maui sunset photos for all to enjoy.

Let me know what you think and if you wanna help spread the word out there. And if you’re not already following @MauiByPhoto, stop by and say Aloha.

Mahalo, and looking forward to those great #MauiSunset pics.
– Kris