Views from the Papawai LookoutViews from the Papawai Lookout
  • Views from the Papawai Lookout

Location: Central Maui

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One Response to “Papawai Scenic Lookout”

  1. Kris
    3 July 2009 at 11:34 pm #

    Admittedly, we’ve only stopped here on the last days of our trip, that long, sad morning when you have to say Aloha to paradise. We had read it’s a great place to whale watch in the winter months, but every time we drove passed on our February trip, it was pretty crowded.

    It’s always bittersweet because for us, it’s the last stop, but for others you’ll run into there, it’s the first stop on their trip. I’ve always wanted to take photos from their at night, since the views of the cities lit in the distance must be amazing.

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