Share Your Stories

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the photos here, as the initial feedback on Facebook and Twitter has been pretty positive. Maui is such a beautiful place to visit and to photograph, and I can definitely say for certain that each one of these pictures was a joy to take.

While a site with only Maui photos by themselves is surely worth the space on the web, I’m looking for more. What I’d really like to read are your stories of the Maui you love and cherish as much as I do. Yup, you get to grab the spotlight and share with everyone reading this your favorite Maui stories about the locations that I feature here.

Don’t be shy, Maui has a habit of filling your heart in way that once you think of her beauty, you open you mouth and the words just flow like waterfalls after a good rainfall.

What to Do

It’s easy. When you find a location or activity on Maui featured here on the site, just look for the “Talk Story” or “Comments” options. You can connect with your Facebook account, or if you’d prefer, just your name and email address (which isn’t shared or displayed). Then, just use the rest of the space to share your story. I told you it was easy.

Find a Location

Do you have a particular place or activity in mind that you want to share memories of? Perhaps of a chilly Haleakala sunrise or the popular Kapalua Beach in West Maui. You can browse the existing locations by clicking the different sections at the top of the website, such as Beaches or the Road to Hana. And if you don’t see something yet, find the Share a Location link and enter in a place on Maui you want to see next.

Follow Along

Just as you can share your stories of Maui, there are also the stories from others that you get to read as well. As more and more people visit the site and leave their tales of the Valley Isle, the more there is to read.

So how do you follow along with all of those new stories? Well, the best way right now is the Comments feed at the top of the page. Admittedly, that’s a little more for the advanced web user, don’t be afraid of it if you’re not sure what a feed is. Give it a click, read how it works, and you’ll be kept in the loop on all the new comments and stories posted here.

If feeds aren’t your thing yet, don’t worry. I’ll be working on a better way to track comments and view the latest stories soon. For now, just keep checking back often to see all the new locations and comments as they get posted.

Spread the Word

If you’re like me, you really like talking about Maui. Then there’s also a pretty good chance you have other friends and family members that you “talk story” with, too. Have they found Maui by Photo yet? Be sure to let them know about this site, too, so that they can also leave their own stories here. Remember, the more people that share their favorite Maui memories, the better place this site becomes.

Have More to Share?

So, you’ve shared your stories, but now you want to do more? No problem.

If you have photos from Maui that you want to world to see, check out the Maui on Flickr to see how to add your own photos to the mix. In addition to our the Maui by Photo group on Flickr, there is also a list of other Maui focused groups to check out for even more photos.

No Flickr? No problem there, either. Visit our Facebook page and share your fan photos there instead.

Many Mahalos

Many thanks for taking the time to read through this and hopefully leaving a story or two. With your help, we can make this site one of the best places to share memories of Maui on the web.

– Kris